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IP Location Finder

Find out the location of an IP address

About this tool

IP-based geolocation is the process of mapping an IP address to a geographical location. This tool locates a given IP address(such as "") or a hostname (such as "") to its corresponding country, city, continent and latitude/longitude.

For IP based geolocation, a database from a geolocation provider is used. The provider collects information for various IP addresses and builds a database which contains mappings from IP addresses to their corresponding geographical region. A primary source for IP addresses for these providers is data obtained from the Regional Internet Registries, which are organizations that manage allocations of IP addresses to different organizations. This data is combined along with other sources of data, such as those obtained from scanning whois records of various IP addresses, information collected from ISPs, etc.

The locations identified by this tool are usually accurate within a radius of 50-250 kilometers.