Boolean World Tools

Tools and utilities

IP Location Finder

Find out the location of an IP address.

DNS lookup

Look up DNS records for a particular domain name.

Reverse DNS Lookup

Perform a reverse DNS lookup for a given IP address.

WHOIS Lookup

Find out contact information for a domain or IP address.

Redirect Checker

Check for redirects on websites.

QR Code Generator

Generate QR codes for URLs, text, email addresses, wifi hotspots, and more!

URL shortener

Shorten your long links and get free statistics.

Javascript Beautifier

Clean up minified and obfuscated Javascript.

HTML Beautifier

Clean up minified HTML.

URL Encode/Decode Tool

Decode from and encode to URL-encoded (percent-encoded) format.

HTML Entities Encode/Decode Tool

Decode text containing and encode text to HTML entities format.